Dating a guy whos never had a girlfriend

So that's why I answered the question like I did. Those are work too and those require communication as well. Tell yourself it's not a failure, it was a learning experience, and one that will make one of your future relationships successful. Because his diet was awful his semen smelled so badly I would sometimes gag, and because he was so old he refused to add anything to his diet that would change that and didn't think the sensory problems that limited his diet were problems. Obviously, the treatment in the bedroom really got on my nerves and made me feel like shit, and I talked it out with him Same here man, I'm 28 and never had a girlfriend and as far as sexual experience, still a virgin.

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I dated one of those guys.

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My boyfriend is younger and I'm his first relationship. Please be inclusive with question phrasing. This thread scares me as being a guy in a similar if not the same exact situation as the guy you're dating is right now. It really wouldn't worry me, because I've never been in a relationship either, so I would enjoy working on figuring it out together with someone. Lack of experienced doesn't mean there will be issues. How he would act as a supporting role if something happened in my life and I need someone to be there for me. I'd ask why he hasn't.

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dating a guy whos never had a girlfriend
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dating a guy whos never had a girlfriend
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