Dating ink on paper

The chemical testing that is referenced does require removal of samples from the document. Statistics in Practice, 2nd ed. The ink library approach used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ATF has shown that matching such profiles indicates that the inks are of the same formula. Forensic analysis of blue ballpoint pen inks using ultraviolet-visible spectrometer and ultra-performance liquid chromatograph. Paper blank analysis will help reduce the risk [46]; however the contamination may be very local [62].

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Because the samples are normally taken from the entire area of writing the legibility of the writing and the ability to perform additional tests are maintained.

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Ink Dating Expert Witnesses

CCc is the only referral service where you can view the full, Using extensive tests, butanol proved to be a suitable solvent and was used to dissolve and fade the dye of carbonless copy line strokes made at different times. This usually suffices for distinguishing ink formulations; however, if necessary, additional TLC can be performed using Merck plates and a solvent system with different polarity, such as n butanol: The detection of these tags is complicated and requires expensive and rare scientific equipment. However, the results show that regardless of the method of degradation artificial or naturalthe peak area of BV-1 increases in comparison with BV This evidence does not forget.

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dating ink on paper
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dating ink on paper
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