Dating an unfaithful woman

Then there's the type of cheating that falls under the category of a one-night stand. Are you stingy with emotional support? Here are a few titles to consider for further reading about cheating:. People cheat because they want their relationship to end, but don't know how to or don't have the nerve to break up with their partner. There have been plenty of books penned on the topic of affairs and infidelity to help those who have been affected cope with the situation — and to help cheaters understand the motivations behind why they did what they did.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cheating In A Relationship

But seriously, at some point you'll be ready to answer the question: With physical cheating, the cheater may still feel emotionally connected to his partner and may only be seeking to fulfill a sexual fantasy. They get their jollies from illicit sex. If she has cheated before, she may think it's OK to do again, and it would be naive to ignore past examples of a two-timing character. If there is a sincere change in behavior, and if the problems that led to the infidelity are addressed and corrected, and both parties approach the problem with a sincere wish to discover what went wrong and fix it, then forgiveness is an important part of the healing process, whether the couple stay married or not. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Like a kiss at an office Christmas party.

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dating an unfaithful woman
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dating an unfaithful woman
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