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Another girl who seemed to be the oldest of the three, who had short blond hair, she wore a mesh shirt and a black shirt her breasts were way bigger than the black haired girl's, at least double the other girl's size, she wore a skirt to show off her legs. He raised his arm at Tatsuki, a look of pure malice in in his eyes. Surely there must be a better fit for the job. Naruto said, in a raspy voice. Maybe this was her golden opportunity? Plus I think her husband was as big as my pinky finger.

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So the decision made, she got up and went over to her teammates who were about to make dinner.

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He charged toward the blonde teen. Right now he was in awe of the greatness of the Dragon Empire, with its highly advanced technology, and all of the buildings for the countless people walking, just how big was this 'Empire'? And we will do it again! Why do you seem so angry? This isn't about Sakura-chan is it? He wore a black shirt with no sleeves, which showed his muscular frame, and a jacket that belonged to a, now deceased, assassin. I have to warn you all, you may only look at the women within, do not touch.

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